Mercedes C Class

     The Mercedes Benz C-Class is a luxury model which falls in the compact car category. It was unveiled in 1993 and since then, this version has succeeded in getting to the hearts of a lot of staunch loyalists. The first generation C-Class car (W202) which was introduced in 1993 was followed by the second generation (W203 C-Class) in 2000, which was considered to be more advanced than its predecessor. The latest and the third generation (W204 C-Class) which arrived in 2007, has proved to be a sort of lifestyle icon of the future.

        The all-new C-Class which is offered in three versions, the Classic, the Elegance and the Avant-garde differs greatly in all respects from its previous generation. With a high performance factor that is prominent in all the new models, the latest C is considered to be thoroughly modern in outlook and style. One prominent feature that adorns the new C-Class is a unique suspension system called the AGILITY CONTROL. This innovative mechanism, through certain intricate hydro-mechanical functions, evaluates the road conditions and adjusts itself to provide better comfort and agility while driving.

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