Mercedes AMG

     The Mercedes Benz AMG initially came into the scene in 1967 for purposes of racing, but gradually, it acquired the position of a luxury high-class car. Effortless handling and high quality performance happens to be its mark, which makes it one among the most popular cars on the road. Although, initially, the AMG engines were supercharged versions, the current models saw an alteration with the introduction of the turbocharged engines that are capable of producing a higher power output. Another interesting feature of the Mercedes Benz AMG engine is its exclusiveness as the team follows a policy of 'one man, one engine', resulting in each individual engine being stamped with the signature of its builder.

        Today, it is possible to select from among a wide array of AMG models that gives an amazing power between 360 hp to 612 hp. What makes it even more alluring is the fact that these sleek power packed models are immensely suited to the daily driving that most of us have to do and in fact, it totally removes the mundane feel by providing a luxurious experience in the bargain.

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